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Digital Marketing Services We Offer

If you are yet not sure what exactly Digital Marketing is? Don't worry! We will clear everything for you. Any promotional activity performed on the web falls under Digital Marketing, be it paid or unpaid. And let us also tell you, there is never just one way to promote your product. In today's digital age, there are infinite ways to promote a business and generate revenue.

Website Development

A website is the face of a business. It's the first thing a person sees when he clicks on your Google Search Result or Promoted Ad. And If the first thing doesn't attract a person, the deal is doomed to fail. It feeds data and information to Google and all the other search engines on the web. We at DigitalPrarabdh believe in creating the website that suits your business the most. Hence, leading to more revenue and sales.

Social Media Marketing

On average, a social media user spends about 3-4 hours per day scrolling through their favourite social media platform, making social media platforms a powerful spot to advertise a product or service to grow leads and engage your targeted clients. We are apt in choosing the most suitable platform for your business to gain the following it deserves.

Email Marketing

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business, email marketing is the way to be. According to statistics, Email marketing generates an average of $40 of revenue for every $1 spent. As the name suggests, we market your product through professionally written advertising copies of your product and services to potential clients on their Email addresses. We have a team of expert copywriters who excel in creating the most attractive and lead-generating copies for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

About 90% of online actions start with search engines like Google and Yahoo!. And if, as a business owner, you wish to see your website appear on the first page of Google Search Results, performing SEO becomes a mandatory part. SEO assists in generating higher keyword rankings on Search Engines, resulting in satisfactory website traffic, leads, and sales from the Web.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

As the name suggests, Pay-per-click Advertising is a kind of online advertising where you pay when a customer clicks on your advertised link. In PPC, you don't need to wait for long periods to grow the rankings of your website. You get the opportunity to get instant results. These ads are shown on Search Engines like Google and on general websites like Times of India. You pay when you get a visitor via the link. In Indore at DigitalPrarabdh, we have a team of highly qualified individuals to manage your campaigns where you get the maximum result at the minimum cost..


According to multiple surveys, nearly 93% of customers go online to find local services, and about 80% of smartphone users use a search engine to find a local business. Connecting with those consumers has never been easier. With our LOCAL SEO services, we can help you connect with people looking for you.


According to statistics, a data-driven digital marketing campaign holds more strength than an information-less campaign. A business is bound to succeed if its owners stay aware of the current market trends and their competitors in the sector. Like, how they manage their services, promote their business, and the funds they employ on their marketing campaigns. Knowing all of this information gives us the freedom to manage our campaign a step ahead of them. In short, Digital Competitive analysis helps in generating more leads and sales by improving your website's SEO, PPC performances.


In a way, display advertising is a part of Pay-per-click advertising. It targets customers based on their past searches, current interests, and demographics via the websites they visit on the internet. Display ads are one of the cheapest forms of advertising to generate leads and sales.


For a big brand, its reputation is everything. Let's take the example of any big brand like Nike, Adidas, Xiaomi, Zomato, or Uber. You will find that all these brands stay active on the social media platforms 24*7 with the sole purpose of preserving a high reputation in the market while keeping track of their customers' feedbacks about them. For them, a positive reputation means more clients, and more clients create more revenue. Similarly, if you are a brand that dreams of going big, we at DigitalPrarabdh, Indore, can help you building or maintaining a positive reputation in the web world.


If you have a product or service that you believe will look better in the form of a video, then we have options for promoting your brand video too. Video marketing is also one of the proven marketing strategies to develop brand awareness. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and that explains the importance of video marketing. At DigitalPrarabadh, we can help you create an advert for your business and set up a suitable promotional plan for maximum brand awareness with minimum cost.


Google Local Services Ads helps you connect with visitors who search on Google for the services and products you offer. Your ads only show up for consumers residing in or near your area. If you search for any business in your locality, you can find Google Local Services Ads at the top of search results. We offer complete creation, management, and control for your campaign.


For a minute, think of yourself as a consumer rather than a provider. Try to remember whenever you have searched for a product on Google or any E-commerce platform and then didn't go on to buy it, you started seeing the ads of that product all over your google searches, news feeds, and social media platforms. Targeting those customers with the ads of the products they have searched for is remarketing. According to statistics, re-targeting leads to buying of products even after a month of their initial search.


At DigitalPrarabdh, we also offer website chat services for clients looking for a direct communication system within their website to connect with their visitors. We provide both artificial Intelligence-based or live chat-based capabilities. Websites with a live chat option enhance their possibility of gaining a customer by up to 20% than their competitors.


At times because of unforeseeable reasons, companies lose their promising leads to their competitors. What if we say that we can bring those gone leads back to you? Well, exactly that's what we are here to do. With DigitalPrarabadh's lead recovery services, you can be free of worries about losing leads to your competitors. With our two years of experience, we have excelled in recovering the almost gone customers back to you.

Get Discovered, Be Mentioned, and Generate Revenue. With DigitalPrarabdh, one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies located in Indore, India.

WE ARE WHAT YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS RIGHT NOW! Every second people are looking for services and products like yours. Everything is in your hands. It's you who decides whether you want them to connect with you or your competitors. We have helped several companies go beyond their expectations by generating more leads, website traffic, and sales for them.

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There is no better tool for getting leads and generating revenue than your website. You must put it for the best use because building a website and leaving it idle yields no fruits. Put it to work with us.

Which Online Marketing Services Are Right for My Business?

We strongly advise investing in a complete online marketing plan. A blueprint that binds together a mixture of different digital marketing services. So that, even if you miss a potential lead via one strategy, you can gain it with another. Exercising multiple tactics like Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, PPC, email marketing all benefit in their ways.

Which services are the best for your business depends on multiple things like:

Your budget​

Your Target audience

Your Goals

Your product/service​

And many other factors​

But you don't have to worry about it. Before moving forward, we employ a complete competitive analysis of your sector and then propose the best options.

Why do Our Clients say DigitalPrarabdh Is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Indore, India?

Simply because we have helped, be it large or small, companies all over India to achieve their goals, and they understand the importance of the effort we put into making them a hit. Similarly, we can help you too.

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